What we do

Colour Display produces high-definition litho print as well as measurably accurate paint chips and colour cards - these for a wide range of print customers and paint manufacturers in southern Africa and the Middle East

High-definition litho print

We are experts in high-quality lithographic printing. We understand that every image is different and that each job requires specific attention to detail. Our in-house colour matching specialist and experienced Production team produce quality print every single time. We are perfecters of High-Definition colour accurate litho print and we’re confident that our print and colour matching quality cannot be beaten.

Through the use of Staccato FM screening Colour Display Print produces superb litho print which renders the finest details and accurate colour with total precision. Download our guide to Staccato FM screening.

Environmental awareness

From chemical-free printing-plate production direct from computer, to the acqueous coating at the final point of print, we are committed to the protection of our precious environment.

We have access to an expansive range of environmentally friendly paper stocks (FSC Certified) combined with eco friendly printing technology all under one roof. With a passion for sustainable printing, we realise that being sensitive to the environment does not mean you have to sacrifice great printing. At Colour Display Print we are creating quality printed products that are both ethical and visually inspiring.

Top-quality product

Colour Display Print produces high-definition colour print on paper and board for a wide range of customers from industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail. These products include books, magazines, brochures, calendars, posters and leaflets. Colour Display produces measurably accurate paint chips and colour cards for paint manufacturers in southern Africa and the Middle East.

In print and in paint we produce colour consistency, exceptionally smooth continuous tone, vibrant and vivid colours when needed, and superb colour-matching to the most exacting, electronically defined standards. Download our guide to our pre-press department.

Paint-colour accuracy

It’s about customer satisfaction. Homeowners and contractors have many options for their home improvement needs. Both standalone paint stores and paint divisions in larger retailers are engaged in zero-sum competition within their geographic areas for the same customers. Once a customer finds a solution that meets their needs, they are likely to return to that same store for their next transaction. As a result, retailers that can deliver color matching solutions the first time, every time, will create and retain customers for life.

Running in tandem with our high-definition litho print is our paint-matching and production division - which begins with electronic colour analysis in a laboratory-type environment and ends with accurate colour cards for paint manufacturers. Download our guide to paint depositing and colour card production.

Fast turn-around

If you need to fast track your printing then then give us a call and we can see if we can fit your printing needs in. From full colour business cards to flyers, brochures and catalogues, we can make sure we push your job through as fast as possible to meet your deadlines. Through an understanding of time constraints our staff is committed to building trusting and lasting relationships with all our suppliers and customers.

Respect and care

Providing personal care and support – place the individual and their needs, preferences and aspirations at the centre of care. Promote good communication – this emphases on respect maintains an individual's dignity. Good communication enables like-minded professionals and service users to communicate.

We are committed to empowering our staff and treating each person with respect which they, in turn, show our customers. Careful attention to detail is a fundamental component.

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